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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spotlight -New Natural -Anita Sher'i

Her Story  "since starting my natural hair journey I've realized the importance of being true to your self and loving yourself despite what the popular trend maybe... Because to me hair is not a trend it is who you were born to be, who god intended you to be. I grew up in a small town in upstate new york where curly hair is not popular and not accepted so at the age of 10 I acquired a relaxer so after I noticed how damaged and high maintenance my hair was becoming, so in July 2012 I decided to stop fighting my ancestors and my creator and go natural. I chopped off 8 inches of my hair and started a new adventure and am so thankful I did. I love the curls and twirls and loops and intricacies my hair provides.

 I can only thank my creator for bestowing such a beautiful gift... not only am I honoring my creators temple I'm also honoring myself and my health... So as my journey continues I look forward to learning more and experiencing the blessing of being natural...." 

Check out her Vlog on Youtube. The Anita Sher'i Channel

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