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Monday, January 7, 2013

Spotlight-Naturalista Hair Regimen

Latrina's Regimen

Since I am a teacher, and I am super busy, my regimen is not that involved. Typically, I wash my hair once a week with a shampoo. Usually it is a sulfate free shampoo (my fav is kinky curly come clean), but when my scalp is really itchy I will use a sulfate shampoo to get the gunk off my scalp. I am around kids all day and I have allergies so I must clean my hair at least once a week. If I have to wash my hair in the middle of the week, which is rare because I am lazy and don't feel like it half the time, I use conditioner. My favorite conditioner is Tresseme naturals...you know it! It really helps me to detangle. I also like garnier fructis pure clean, mostly for the smell. I have recently discovered that detangling with water, oil and conditioner BEFORE shampooing works well for my hair. I shed a lot, and it actually helps to get that shed hair out before getting in the shower because I don't have to be in the shower as long detangling my hair. After I shampoo I usually condition right in the shower. I also try to deep condition at least once a month. However, I don't always get to it. I am still working on deep conditioning. I don't like the waiting part or having to rinse in the sink. I REFUSE to get back in the shower after getting out!  That's annoying.

I'm not a big styler when it comes to my hair. I don't have the time nor the patience. I was the same way when I was relaxed. It was either down or in a ponytail, mostly in a ponytail (sorry edges) Now I mostly wear wash and goes or a twist out. I like wash and goes more because I don't have to manipulate my hair as much throughout the week. If I wear a twist out I re-twist every night or every other night. However, I enjoy twist outs because I don't have to go out with wet hair and I don't have the issues with shed hair at the end of the week. So what style I choose usually depends on how much work I am willing to do throughout the week. I wear a mixture of both so I'll explain my regimen for both styles.

For both I start with freshly wash and conditioned or co-washed hair that has been detangled. My hair is typically in 6 sections. If I am doing a wash and go I will put my leave-in on my hair( it is typically knot today or Giovanni direct) and then I put an aloe vera based gel on (curly magic or kinky curly curling custard). My hair loves aloe so I use products that have aloe, either aloe vera gel or juice. If I want to be cheap I'll use Loreal ever style curl defining gel or in the spring and early summer curls goddess curls or glaze. My hair loves slimy gels! I have tried Eco styler off and on,  but my poor strands can't take the glue like consistency. I end up ripping strands of hair out. To preserve my hair I sleep in a satin scarf and on my satin pillow case (in case my scarf comes off at night) On the second day to the next time I wash, I put oil on my hands and oil my hair, fluff, and go . I don't like rewetting my whole head when there is product in it because it makes it tangle more. If my hair needs moisture, I'll turn my wash and go into a twist out or co-wash my hair midweek, but usually I don't have to do that.

If I am doing a twist out, I put oil on each section first (I like jojoba or grape seed oil), put my leave-in on (same ones) and then I twist the individual sections or I follow that up with a gel (aloe based of course) and twist it up. I usually do individual 2 strand twists or 3 strand twists. I like both! I rarely do any other style besides the wash and go or twist out, as I said I am lazy lol, but I have done a curlformer set this year. I have not straightened my hair with a flat iron in over a year and don't plan to any time soon either. My hair looks thin and limp when straight so why bother? I like my curls and I think they suit me and personality.

So that's my story. I really love my natural hair, and I am still learning about it and how to care for it. What I like most about my natural hair is that it is mine and unique to me (even my twin's hair is different from mine) and much healthier than my relaxed hair ever was. What I dislike most about my natural hair are the single strand knots that drive me batty and the really bad tangles that make me what to grab a pair of scissors and cut my hair again. Sometimes I get frustrated with it and yes it is work to keep it up, especially as it grows out longer, but I feel the rewards far out way the work. It is part of what makes me different, and I won't change something that is so uniquely me again. 

As told by Latrina T

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