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We are Natural Hair Advocates. We appreciate the hair that grows naturally from our heads. So this blog is here to embrace our natural hair and the lifestyle that accompanies this choice.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Lets Analyze Ourselves First

It is time to engage our minds, hearts and souls and think about why we do what we do with our hair & body. And what are we teaching the males & females we raise?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Spotlght-My Hair Story, Joy D

At the age of 7, I was introduced to the World of Chemicals. I went from a relaxer to a dry jerry curl then back to a relaxer. My scalp was always on FIRE! But like everyone else I continued the abuse. I was then educated on the benefits of wearing my hair natural. I decided to go straight for the Big Chop. This was a very emotional experience for me.  WOW! Where is my long straight hair??, Do I look like a boy?? I shed my tears in private... That lasted 2 years. With lack of educational on how to take care of my hair, I went back to the creamy crack for more abuse.

2008, I made a decision to finally stop living the LYE. It was costly to my hair, scalp, body and purse. Average relaxer at that time was $65 and up. So being myself and embracing this KINKY hair is priceless.  Whoo Hoo I'm free.  Let go of what view others have of you and embrace the heritage you were born with.

Joy D, Natural Hair Advocate