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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Highlight-Natural Hair Story, Featuring Latrina

Hola!      I have been completely natural since November 2010. I decided to stop relaxing my hair in April of that year because I was concerned about the edges of my hair. Most women in my family have thinning edges and I didn't want to go bald from putting more stress on my edges than necessary. I knew that they were already thin, and I wanted to preserve them as long as I could. I had tried to go natural 2 or three years prior to this time round. However, the first time was an accident. I got a specific hair cut that was very short and the hairstylist cut all my relaxer off. I didn't realize that my natural hair was so different than my relaxed hair, and I honestly didn't know how to care for it so it didn't last. This time it wasn't an accident. I made a conscious choice to go natural, and used the months that I transitioned to do research on how to take proper care of my hair. I must admit I was afraid. The first time I had my hair "natural" , my hair was very dry and very tight. My husband used to say all the time 'Yo hair nappy'. He meant it in fun and not to hurt my feelings, and my hair was very dry and hard to the touch most times. However, it made me self conscious to try it again. I was afraid my hair would be tight and dry again and I wouldn't be able to keep it up. However, I was pleasantly surprised by my hair.

I transitioned from April to November of 2010. I watched YouTube videos on taking care of and moisturizing natural hair A LOT! I was determined to do it right this time. My hair grew to longest it had ever been, but I started getting annoyed trying to deal with the two textures of my hair. When I first began my transition, I straightened my hair. I then moved on to flexirod sets. I tried flat twist outs, but my scalp is very sensitive to being pulled on, especially my edges. I guess that it why I don't like braids. So then I ran across curlformers and they were my saving grace the last few months of my transition. Finally on November 20th, after a frustrating session of detangling my hair, I got a pair of scissors and I cut off the relaxed ends. What was funny is that I thought my husband would freak because I cut it, but he didn't even notice! It had grown out so it wasn't a shock to him. I did my own chop because I didn't trust anyone to touch my hair. I kept the hair I cut until my 1 year anniversary. Now I had MY hair and what was funny is that it WASN'T dry or as tight as it was the first time! Don't know how, but my hair was different. It was actually curly, very curly. My husband couldn't call me nappy head anymore! Maybe it was all that conditioner I used LOL!

Since I've cut off my relaxed ends I have been getting to know my hair. I have never really seen or handled my natural hair. Even before I relaxed it( at age 12) my mom used to press it straight. So for the past 2 years I have been experimenting and learning what my hair likes and dislikes. I've learned a lot, and yes I am a product junky, just ask my friends! I know I've given away 1,000s of dollars worth of hair product because I couldn't use it or I had too much. I went through a phase there for a second...lol. I am still a product junkie, but only for certain products. Oh don't get me wrong! I still like to try things here and there :) but I am learning overall what my hair likes and what works for me. Some lessons I've learned is to love MY hair! That my hair will not behave like everyone else's hair, and that natural hair is WORK and I can't ignore it like I did my relaxed hair or I'll regret it dearly! My curly coif is like a high maintenance girlfriend and she can be fickle and trifling, but I love her.
 ~ Story from Latrina 

Stay tuned for Her Hair Regimen...

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